Safety Certificates

Landlord’s Electrical Safety Certificates

If you are letting your property you will be required to obtain an Electrical Safety Certificate. This is a report only produced by registered electricians ensuring the current electrical installation meets current British standards, in terms of safety and compliance with legal regulations.

An electrical safety certificate may be required for the following reasons:

  • Recommended date for certificate is due3phaseboard
  • Change of occupancy
  • Change of use
  • Change of ownership
  • Insurance / mortgage requirement
  • After damage

Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that their rental property and any electrical equipment provided, is safe before a tenancy begins. For more detail please download the “Guidance for Landlords” document provided by the Electrical Safety Council.

Can you be sure that your previous tenant didn’t change a light fitting, or perhaps break a socket while vacuuming, and replace it themselves? As a landlord, if your new tenant is electrocuted due to a loose earth wire, or if a fire breaks out due to a loose connection, you may be liable for imprisonment.